In addition to intruder alarm systems, it is also important to install CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the house to make sure security is top notch. If you have visited stores and banks, you will notice a sign that informs customers of the presence of security cameras. The notice gives customers a clear picture that a watchful eye is seeing everything that is taking place. A proffessionally installed CCTV system discourages any potential intruders who may have thought of breaking into a home or any business premises. At Foretech Group, we provide our customers with the latest CCTV technology which has proven to be very useful and reliable.

What makes our cameras different?

There are so many companies that offer camera technology services all over the United Kingdom. I bet you are wondering why you would trust us and not the rest. These are the reasons why we are the best in the business. First of all, our CCTV systems are high quality and very easy to use. All CCTV system installed but us are including high definition, Full HD or 4K cameras. Once the CCTV installation is completed in your home or business we will provide you with a full training to show you how to access the CCTV system locally as well asremotely, and  how to playback recorded footage.

Also, our cameras automatically change modes depending on the time of day. The night mode means that even at night; you can still clearly see your surroundings and any intruders who may try to break in. Also, the camera system has a large storage space where you can store the CCTV footage which you can view at your leisure. Our high definition cameras make a real difference when it comes to identify someone on the recorded CCTV footage. You can connect the camera system to your phone or television so that you can view your premises in real time and even check on your loved ones if you are far from home.


Our technical team at Fortech Group will carry out the entire CCTV system installation for you and make sure it is functioning properly. They will also test everyCCTV camera to make sure it is covering the areas requested by you. We have a team of dedicated engineers available to you 24 hours a day in case of any system failure and to also update any system configurations. Call us on 02070603875 today to help you choose the perfect package for your home or business and to make sure your security is guaranteed.