Fire occurrences are very common in homes and commercial buildings. It can be caused accidentally such as if an electrical short circuit leads to fire. Fire alarms are not necessary for preventing damage,butto give the earliest warnings and prevent human lives, they are also a requirement by law. Therefore, make sure you get a fire alarm system installed by a professional that is perfect for your needs. At Fortech, we have a large variety of fire alarm systems that will suit your businessor your home. We can help you whether you just need amains operated smoke detector or a more complex addressable fire alarm system integrated with plant rooms and smoke vents. Call us on 02070603875 today to book your free fire alarm survey.

Fire Alarm Installation

Whether you own a residential home or a commercial building, Foretech Group can install a state of the art fire alarm system for you. We have a highly experienced all of whom are capable and hardworking to ensure a fire alarm is installed as soon as possible so that you get back with your duties. Also, our time follows the set rules and regulations concerning fires and fire alarms. All buildings cannot have a similar type of fire alarms, so we will inspect your home or commercial building to determine which fire alarm is suitable for you. The most recent technology is integrated into our fire alarm systems which makes them easy to use and alsoto comply with the latest fire alarm.regulations.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Our fire alarm maintenance contracts include regular inspections to ensure our systems are functioning as required and that they are up-to-date with the rules and regulations. We also offer fire alarm monitoringfor fire alarm systems maintained by us. Maintenance helps us identify any defective systems and also enables us to send our customers regular notifications concerning their systems. We only use fire alarm systems from the most trusted manufacturers so you can rest assured your system is meet the British Standards.